European Tour Demo

by Iskra



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released July 17, 2012

recorded at the Iskra rehearsal space. Enginneered and Mixed by Cody Baresich and Iskra




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Anarchist Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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Track Name: Nihil
What is our Meaning? What is our purpose?
Morals and values contrived

systems used to control and invent realities
realities made for us, not buy us

Social standards and values supporting what?
People fragmented, damaged
severed bonds, no community
devalued, controlled

like the stillness of death, humanity has been levelled
meaning has been removed, a powerless life

a walking dead population
who refuse to become themselves
replacing theism, ‘truth’, and knowledge

mad leaders had provided for us a ‘meaning’ for life
but it was false, full of deceit
something we can overcome, or succumb to

we have the choice to build our own worlds
unfettered by ‘belief’
think of the world that could be

to succumb to the present condition is to give up a chance
a chance to grasp our own meaning, our own lives

the will to nothingness is under control of the world that is

there are other ways of being than what has been offered

our communities, our resources, can define our existence
free our action from unitary paranoia
develop action, thought, desire

juxtaposition, proliferation,
not a subdivision, nor hierarchization
Track Name: Der Einzige
Individual governance
over external determinants
no submission to the group
or the will of the pigs

our will over external control
our will over ideological structures

reject revolution, the group and mass control
outmoded structures that incapacitate our will

abolish the institutions
of what is called society
which has stolen from all
and turned it over to the few

no-systematic association
we have no political calling

we live our lives without politics and laws
postulate morality turning into nations hells

reject multiplied needs, imposed desires
we don’t work a vile labour
for an unimagined satisfaction
nor sacrifice ourselves to exterior idols
country, king, religion, race

these systems have destroyed entire peoples
driving over the bones of the dead

through our own power
renewing relations
transforming desire
into affirmative action

through your own power
reclamation of the will

reject revolution
the group, mass control
outmoded structures
that incapacitate our will

abolish the institutions
of what is called society
which has stolen from all
and turned it over to the few

through experience and exploration
the individual creates reality
themselves transitory
without compromise
Track Name: Illégal
Why do you wait for the liberal masses?
Why wait for their ‘popular’ movements?
Why wait for the ‘revolution’ or ‘collapse,’
or and other devotional fantasy?

And the others? Trivial, brutal
they will march, march again
towards death, without knowing why
vulgar, void of thought

I saw their world; full of deception
leave them to stagnate
while we push, we will push on

I saw their world; poisoned, wasted
I saw their world; populated with the living dead

Whose liberty? Whose equality will you live by?

Any sacrifice will be by our hand
not for anyone, for any order!

Our critique will instigate practice - we will never ask

We withdraw from the world - withdraw and attack!
Bleed them through the re-appropriation of wealth,
a forming of the criminal mind

Robbery, counterfeiting, theft, burglary
A professional anarchist crime organization

Why waste away like idealist anarchists?
Surround oneself with ‘thieves!’

The ‘criminal element’, ‘workers of the night’
life to be lived in intensity, not duration
for we have no remedy for your ‘suffering’
no solution for ‘social degeneration’

Anarchy is no longer a social form, but a method of individuals
in their societies.

We are not content with this suffocation
this odious yoke, this boredom.
‘Human nature,’ has been constructed.
They speak of liberty, they speak of equality.
Who’s liberty? Who’s equality? Who’s rule will you live by?
Track Name: Träume
What have we called resistance?
What have we called revolt?
Webs of resistance that are not sovereign
a fabric that does not exploit

Do we not require a revolt of conduct?
A practice, to build societies?
We need hidden worlds
strong organization

through games of generalized obedience
there has been many forms of terror
a daily terror seeking to enchant our lives

the dreams of smashed gold and silver cups
raised to the lips
we would raise shadows
to hold the blood

we do not wish to obey these people
we do not want this pastoral system
we are being told who we are
and all obey for terror

What have called resistance?
What have we called refusal, revolt?
The pastoral practice of salvation
their sentence of death

we would raise shadows to hold the blood
give us the void
for we do not want to be saved

we do not wish to obey
Track Name: Dubrovlag
black rusted trains
from Pot'ma
crawl the Takushevo line
sub zero winds
a frost of white
Mordovia's bright sun palling

death before

piled corpses
at the gate
hammered skulls
ensures they're dead

stripped and beaten
upon the ice
naked blackened frozen limbs
bodies twisted smashed and bent
scattered upon the permafrost

death before

grind that glass
into your eyes
cut and eat
of your own flesh

silent isolation
psychiatric experimentation

gnaw at stone
writhe with pain
work till death
in this abyss

those rusted trains
from Pot'ma
grinding down
a thin gauge line
deep into the northern forests
those were Mordovia's blackest nights

death before

no graves were dug
the ground was ice
for human flesh
beasts would fight

hang yourself
cut your veins

death before
Track Name: Kronstadt
winds of snow and frozen ice
swept across the wastes
rose up against the tyrant king
brought him to his knees
provisional state instituted
which cared not for common needs
again we rose side by side
october 1917

still these tyrants rule
take what we have won
we brought them power
they promised liberty

typical power-scum
you ruled with iron fist
we lived a meagre existence
starving - enslaved
you promised a rebirth
we'd be free to work the land
instead you took it all
from our hands

in the icy gulf of finlandia -
the rebel island of kronstadt
a great anarchist naval force
would fight the tyrants of this land
of this land

a new force must rise
kill the tyrant we brought to power

kronstadt is free
independent of their new state
ten thousand strong
we put forth our demands
a third revolution
to end all parties - and none shall lead
none shall lead

that cold night in march
you sent our brothers over the ice
we watched them advance
we'll be forced to shed the blood of our kin

they're sent to their deaths
by tyrants grown fat at the expense of us all
a fierce blizzard
black night shrouds us all in darkness
the blackest night

counting not the cost
slave masters drove you
with their cursed guns
trained upon your backs
you perished in the night
upon the icy vastness
when daylight broke
you lay dead upon the ice

so dearly you have paid
with your blood for this event
the butcher of petrograd
still drives new martyrs to the slaughter
to the slaughter
Track Name: Bureval
mountains of silence
stale freedom
and bound liberty

the lead weight of the boiling lie
falls upon the face of the
persecuted land

forged in the white flame
of hate and conquest
surrounded by flags
secured with military power

mountains of silence
their fraudulent "peace" to keep

their truth today
built on the rot of minds
for years and centuries dead

boots-rifle bullets
tear gas and police
we have forgotten nothing

and everywhere - agitated
those flung full of disgust
and those still dreaming
the immense dream of a land
stripped of this truth

a culture fermenting
quietly bidding war upon the fascist truth;
the sickening cocktails of metal bars
fear - stale freedoms and
bound liberty

this liberty in which
everything suffers, sweats and is shamed
fascist democracy
unpalatable freedom
this is war

the signal fires are erupting everywhere
the chorus raising
has forgotten nothing
of the native land
ferment - flame
and living flesh
Track Name: Cursed Realms of the Winter Demons (Immortal Cover)
Music and lyrics by Immortal

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