split w/ Ash and Ruin

by Iskra



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released October 1, 2013




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Anarchist Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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Track Name: Machine Infernale
Summer '68 Grosvenor Square
War in Vietnam
Yankee Imperialism
Paris and Nanterre
A floundering Europe
Ripe for destruction

Direct British rule and internment in Northern Ireland
This was Edward Heath's conservative Britain

Bored of the spectacle
Tired of Protest
State force was met with class violence
Exemplary attack to insight a class war
A counter-cultural life of crime and rebellion

Violence exists in an alienating culture
Mind numbing pop culture breeding stupidity

The creation of a sterile dull urban existence
Under a system run by politicians and pigs

Profit, Capitalism and inhumanity cannot be reformed
So kick it till it breaks
Bomb the homes of cops and ministers
Terrorize the government and all its agents

Create our own organizations and conditions
Rob, squat, bomb

Grinding their systems
The Angry Brigade is on the offensive
Refusing state limitations of resistance

Raking the U.S. embassy with machine gunfire,
Dynamite charges in the banks of London
Firebombing MPs, police and recruiting stations

High and pissed
The Angry Brigade is on the offensive
Track Name: Nazi Die (Doom Cover)
Music and lyrics by Doom

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