Split w/ Self Rule

by Iskra



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released June 30, 2006




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Anarchist Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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Track Name: Corpse Of The New World
Greed: the ugly engine of capital
Economics / war
Supporting an elite few
For the rest of us who lose

Humanity forged under "racial economics"

fast becoming private assets

An increasing social conflict

The corporations of the New World
The stinking corpse of the Old World

9-5 for a pittance: they'll hand us their crumbs
Living our lives under elite ruling class scum
Outmoded responsibility laws for these heartless terrorists
Promoting death and destruction; they couldn't care less

Increasing demographic of an unemployed mass
Equality and rights; concepts of the past

The corpse of the New World

In the name of greed we've suffered
This economic shitstem of corporate domination
In the name of greed we've consumed
Taught to live beyond our means while shackled to our poverty
In the name of greed we've produced
Our wants and"needs" justify the exploitation of many
In the name of greed we support their wars
And all their ruthless insanity

Greed: the end result of a sick society

Consuming our minds
So they can continue their crimes

A neo-liberal pro-corporate agenda
To ensure right-wing investor protection

For big business control

Nuclear waste/famine/dislocation
Where are the death tolls?

Corrupt control from the New World
Creates the corpse of the Third World

No recourse as they ravage the lands
Stealth by wealth with blood on their hands
The corporation's so called "code of ethics"
Lies to whitewash a murderous agenda
The hour is late, on the horizon is doom
This corporate cancer, the world to consume
The Corpse of the New World
Track Name: Rape
Men using sexual violence to gain power over women
Creating a constant fear of sexist attacks within the general population
A women has little or no control over her everyday safety
To avoid conflict she conforms to male will and expectation

Anger is the trigger, sex is the gun
The weapon men use to dominate women

One of four women will become the victim of a rape
Half the women in BC have suffered sexual assault
Eighty-six percent of all violent incidents not reported, known, or heard
Due to the constant possibility that no one will believe her

Aggression is the trigger, sex is the gun
The weapon men use to destroy women

Women’s status, race, and attire is often used to persecute
A pro-male system discourages women from the will to prosecute
Pornography encouraging males to view females as objects for their use
TV programming and advertisements that support sexism and abuse

A world made violent by the creation of men
Race, class, empire, and the domination of women

Patriarchal laws are at the heart of this shitstem
Rules and social policy created by rich white men
‘Reverse sexism’ is a myth whilst inequality persists
Sexist jokes and ingrained roles allows this oppression to exist

A world made violent by the insecurity and sickness of men
Capitalist structures promoting the rape and murder of women

In Canada a women is raped every seventeen minutes
The result of an imperialist mentality that doesn’t know its own limits
Rape and social inequality is at the heart of this land
Kill the pig in your head if you care to make a stand.

Anger the trigger sex is the gun
The weapon men use to degrade women

The will to gain power: his stimulation
Coercing her into subjection.