from by Iskra



mountains of silence
stale freedom
and bound liberty

the lead weight of the boiling lie
falls upon the face of the
persecuted land

forged in the white flame
of hate and conquest
surrounded by flags
secured with military power

mountains of silence
their fraudulent "peace" to keep

their truth today
built on the rot of minds
for years and centuries dead

boots-rifle bullets
tear gas and police
we have forgotten nothing

and everywhere - agitated
those flung full of disgust
and those still dreaming
the immense dream of a land
stripped of this truth

a culture fermenting
quietly bidding war upon the fascist truth;
the sickening cocktails of metal bars
fear - stale freedoms and
bound liberty

this liberty in which
everything suffers, sweats and is shamed
fascist democracy
unpalatable freedom
this is war

the signal fires are erupting everywhere
the chorus raising
has forgotten nothing
of the native land
ferment - flame
and living flesh


from Bureval, released October 17, 2009




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Anarchist Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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