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from Ruins by Iskra



Why do you wait for the liberal masses?
Why wait for their ‘popular’ movements?
Why wait for the ‘revolution’ or ‘collapse,’
or and other devotional fantasy?

And the others? Trivial, brutal
they will march, march again
towards death, without knowing why
vulgar, void of thought

I saw their world; full of deception
leave them to stagnate
while we push, we will push on

I saw their world; poisoned, wasted
I saw their world; populated with the living dead

Whose liberty? Whose equality will you live by?

Any sacrifice will be by our hand
not for anyone, for any order!

Our critique will instigate practice - we will never ask

We withdraw from the world - withdraw and attack!
Bleed them through the re-appropriation of wealth,
a forming of the criminal mind

Robbery, counterfeiting, theft, burglary
A professional anarchist crime organization

Why waste away like idealist anarchists?
Surround oneself with ‘thieves!’

The ‘criminal element’, ‘workers of the night’
life to be lived in intensity, not duration
for we have no remedy for your ‘suffering’
no solution for ‘social degeneration’

Anarchy is no longer a social form, but a method of individuals
in their societies.

We are not content with this suffocation
this odious yoke, this boredom.
‘Human nature,’ has been constructed.
They speak of liberty, they speak of equality.
Who’s liberty? Who’s equality? Who’s rule will you live by?


from Ruins, released January 1, 2015




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Thrash Black Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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