Wie Alles Anfing

from by Iskra



cultural desolation in west berlin
an ultra dead conformist state
factory hell, suburban hatred
minds destroyed by isolation

you looks to the archetypes of rebellion
those organized against the state
resistance born through the need of culture
eastern march/Gedachtniskirche

do you remember that meeting
the s.d.s. in '66
hash and sex, the K-1 Kommune
counterculture politics

you read the stories of anarchist bombers
studied the books of street warfare
violence as praxis came "natural" to you

living the Kommune was never enough
limitations of method called into question
you watched Baader and Ensslin go down for arson
"action determines the movement's direction"

your people were brought in, the cells were filling
for this crime and that, the pressure was mounting
you still needed to break the mould of your psyche
you searched for a way to determine your conduct

observing Ohnesorg's casket, something changed in your mind
thus the conduct you sought became painfully clear

propaganda by deed, you decide for yourself
but always within the frame of mass
you put yourself forward to makes the example
the results: a massacre out on the streets

the pigs shot at Dutschke
but it could have been you
amidst the flames of revolt
you were born anew

no more games; the sites are set
on you and on I; the pigs will liquidate

take up weapons, set explosions
you decide what is wrong and what is right

through destruction and violence
the birth of a movement

you marked names, found your station
a determined anarchist retaliation
take up weapons, set explosions
take them out: "time to destroy"

bombs for the rich, political abductions
prison-breaks, and robberies
out of the "night and fog"
run a cadre of urban guerrillas
"words cannot save us, words don't break chains"
"the deed alone makes us free, destroy what destroys you"

did you foresee betrayal and infiltration?
the pig's manipulation led to your people's

did you put down the gun
because you no longer fear love?
or was it seeing your comrades
lying dead in their own blood?


from Bureval, released October 17, 2009




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Anarchist Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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