Wolf Of Winter

from by Iskra



the wolf of winter
devours roads and towns
the wolf of winter
in her white hunger

ripping into the cities of rot
disease and suicide

gnawing upon the bones of the poor
beneath a frozen moon, in her chill white cave

the wolf of winter
the grim, the cold, the white
beautiful winter wolf
that feeds on our world

she withers all in silence
her storms unchained
unclothes the earth
freezes frail life

she tracks the frozen wastes
where goeth the winter wind
her death howls roll heavy
all across the lands

gauging the sewers of poverty
gnawing the bones of the old

blizzard blasts and ice, testing the strength of life
many dead on the roads, left to die in the cold

the wolf of winter
stalking the weak and sick
beautiful winter wolf
that feeds on our world

the north is thine;there thou hast built thy dark
for she has reared her sceptre all over this world


from Bureval, released October 17, 2009




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Anarchist Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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