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winds of snow and frozen ice
swept across the wastes
rose up against the tyrant king
brought him to his knees
provisional state instituted
which cared not for common needs
again we rose side by side
october 1917

still these tyrants rule
take what we have won
we brought them power
they promised liberty

typical power-scum
you ruled with iron fist
we lived a meagre existence
starving - enslaved
you promised a rebirth
we'd be free to work the land
instead you took it all
from our hands

in the icy gulf of finlandia -
the rebel island of kronstadt
a great anarchist naval force
would fight the tyrants of this land
of this land

a new force must rise
kill the tyrant we brought to power

kronstadt is free
independent of their new state
ten thousand strong
we put forth our demands
a third revolution
to end all parties - and none shall lead
none shall lead

that cold night in march
you sent our brothers over the ice
we watched them advance
we'll be forced to shed the blood of our kin

they're sent to their deaths
by tyrants grown fat at the expense of us all
a fierce blizzard
black night shrouds us all in darkness
the blackest night

counting not the cost
slave masters drove you
with their cursed guns
trained upon your backs
you perished in the night
upon the icy vastness
when daylight broke
you lay dead upon the ice

so dearly you have paid
with your blood for this event
the butcher of petrograd
still drives new martyrs to the slaughter
to the slaughter


from Bureval, released October 17, 2009




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Anarchist Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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