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by Iskra

Lawless 03:15
A creed bonded by law and empire structuring the conditions for neo-fascism nations constructed for bio-control identities molded for manipulation fearful minds weakened, shattered in darkness identification by symbols enter their cage of belonging blind obedience, absolute loyalty to serve the interests of the politician individuality is forfeit, culture destroyed militaristic carrion - totalitarian interests nadir of life, a mundane shell nations constructed for bio-control identities molded for manipulation minds weakened, shuttered in darkness sing patriot songs for flags philosophies of murder for the state the non-critical nationalist position no will, numb stagnation xenophobia killing diversity imprisoned minds, narrowed senses the nationalists, in smiling hypocrisy waging their wars, slaves to the construct human-kind withers, disease propagated all possibilities have shrunk before their shrunken eyes a creed bonded by law and empire structuring the conditions for neo-fascism already his laws are being broken his book,morals, war, commerce melting within the serpent of fiery flame the grave shrieks delight, fulfilment human-kind withers, the disease propagated all possibilities have shrunk before their eyes
Ruins 03:08
How long shall we lay dead dead in the streets of great cities arise - your blood, fire arise and aspire our visions shall not be lost the sword shall not sleep in hand memory is state, created encrustations that form a corrupt exterior what is created can be annihilated none shall cease from mental fight forward anarchic destruction blast the killing grip of dogma the blight of machinery ruined palaces cities, and mighty works stupendous ruins furnaces of affliction no perfection, no purity no dreams of subservience the corruption of law degrading energies nature awaits the harvest of nations the blood of our accuser judge, and executioner runs down the palace walls and into the midnight street killing grip of dogma, and the blight of machinery ruined palaces and mighty works no perfection, no purity assailed dreams of the father-land
Like blazing comets in the sky that shake the stars of light which drop like fruit unto the earth through the fierce burning night a virtual traveller 10 000 feet above spies a land he will never reach or understand removed from his dreadful deeds he operates thousands of miles away and does not fell the burning fires Predators and Reapers in the night sky vultures, infra-red targets with hellfire beneath the wings the God of war is drunk with blood lock on radar and communications joint direct attack munitions screaming missiles raining down remote automated slaughter like blazing comets scattering death aerial assassinations and murder earth smokes with blood groans, and shakes and drinks its childrens’ gore What have the heads of State to answer for? Beneath the machines they die like sheep groaning upon high mountains desert plains but for the killers there are no sounds of battle as bloodied children die among the ruins they have lain What have the heads of State to answer for? Removed, within their homes of comfort when a thousand deaths for vengeance, cry like blazing comets in the sky that shake the stars of light which drop like fruit to the earth through the fierce burning light
Traume 04:29
What have we called resistance? What have we called revolt? Webs of resistance that are not sovereign a fabric that does not exploit Do we not require a revolt of conduct? A practice, to build societies? We need hidden worlds strong organization through games of generalized obedience there has been many forms of terror a daily terror seeking to enchant our lives the dreams of smashed gold and silver cups raised to the lips we would raise shadows to hold the blood we do not wish to obey these people we do not want this pastoral system we are being told who we are and all obey for terror What have called resistance? What have we called refusal, revolt? The pastoral practice of salvation their sentence of death we would raise shadows to hold the blood give us the void for we do not want to be saved we do not wish to obey
Nihil 03:57
What is our Meaning? What is our purpose? Morals and values contrived systems used to control and invent realities realities made for us, not buy us Social standards and values supporting what? People fragmented, damaged severed bonds, no community devalued, controlled like the stillness of death, humanity has been levelled meaning has been removed, a powerless life a walking dead population who refuse to become themselves replacing theism, ‘truth’, and knowledge mad leaders had provided for us a ‘meaning’ for life but it was false, full of deceit something we can overcome, or succumb to we have the choice to build our own worlds unfettered by ‘belief’ think of the world that could be to succumb to the present condition is to give up a chance a chance to grasp our own meaning, our own lives the will to nothingness is under control of the world that is there are other ways of being than what has been offered our communities, our resources, can define our existence free our action from unitary paranoia develop action, thought, desire juxtaposition, proliferation, not a subdivision, nor hierarchization
Illegal 05:26
Why do you wait for the liberal masses? Why wait for their ‘popular’ movements? Why wait for the ‘revolution’ or ‘collapse,’ or and other devotional fantasy? And the others? Trivial, brutal they will march, march again towards death, without knowing why vulgar, void of thought I saw their world; full of deception leave them to stagnate while we push, we will push on I saw their world; poisoned, wasted I saw their world; populated with the living dead Whose liberty? Whose equality will you live by? Any sacrifice will be by our hand not for anyone, for any order! Our critique will instigate practice - we will never ask We withdraw from the world - withdraw and attack! Bleed them through the re-appropriation of wealth, a forming of the criminal mind Robbery, counterfeiting, theft, burglary A professional anarchist crime organization Why waste away like idealist anarchists? Surround oneself with ‘thieves!’ The ‘criminal element’, ‘workers of the night’ life to be lived in intensity, not duration for we have no remedy for your ‘suffering’ no solution for ‘social degeneration’ Anarchy is no longer a social form, but a method of individuals in their societies. We are not content with this suffocation this odious yoke, this boredom. ‘Human nature,’ has been constructed. They speak of liberty, they speak of equality. Who’s liberty? Who’s equality? Who’s rule will you live by?
A pastoral power over humans and their souls using the worn-out take of natural law genocide - the dream of the a conniving modern power ingrained in the human psyche as an organic whole the technology of discipline compounded with the population management populations of producers whose power is being stripped regulation of customs habits, health, reproduction family, blood, well-being morals and ethics state is now a body to be managed, maintained state power as essential to life force relations, rationale the machination of acceptance consent to how one should live individualizing power genocide - the dream of conniving modern power ingrained in the human psyche the systematic slaughtering of millions the politics of death have been embraced
Der Einzige 03:27
Individual governance over external determinants no submission to the group or the will of the pigs our will over external control our will over ideological structures reject revolution, the group and mass control outmoded structures that incapacitate our will abolish the institutions of what is called society which has stolen from all and turned it over to the few no-systematic association we have no political calling we live our lives without politics and laws postulate morality turning into nations hells reject multiplied needs, imposed desires we don’t work a vile labour for an unimagined satisfaction nor sacrifice ourselves to exterior idols country, king, religion, race these systems have destroyed entire peoples driving over the bones of the dead through our own power renewing relations transforming desire into affirmative action through your own power reclamation of the will reject revolution the group, mass control outmoded structures that incapacitate our will abolish the institutions of what is called society which has stolen from all and turned it over to the few through experience and exploration the individual creates reality themselves transitory without compromise
Lebensraum 03:04
Supplemented and reinforced a socialization of violence a unification of the country and an acquisition of colonies the awakening of space as power Lebensraum 1901 the zealous enlarging of life-space by incorporating the life-space of the defeated seven laws of state growth built of foundations of race as not only different but of unequal value the vision of a young and vital nation-state both land and people unified feeding on proliferating fear, anxiety and hope justifying imperial expansion as natural social Darwinist ideas of the struggle for life applied, widened, to a conquest of space what defines these spaces in which is administered? The drawing if boundaries hierarchization of life under the guise of risk management there is revealed life destruction as value creation
The circle is broken and my people are dying enduring hardships beyond word, or imagination years upon years of disease and warfare displacement, provocations, massacres once again we gather before the breaking day with my people I ride the mountain pass today we will show our strength today is a good day, a day to die for we must protect the forests for our children yet to be born protect the forests for those who cannot speak birds, animals, and the ancient trees I remember when the bison were many so many, beyond count but more and more came to kill until there was only heaps of scattered bones when it comes time to die be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear fear of death when their time comes they weep and pray and beg to live their lives again live again but life is but the flash of a firefly burning in the night it is the breath of a buffalo in the winter winds it is the shadow which runs across the grass losing itself in the dying sun cold and grey the morning dawns snow blankets the valleys, and pines sub-zero winds blast the ridges as we ride through the Blackhills, to death on this day, cold, sullen, and grey sing your death song, and die like a hero going home for these lands are why my dead lie a little while and I will be gone from among you from nowhere we came, into nowhere we go I was born where winds blow free and these are the lands where I shall die I shall die


released January 1, 2015




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Thrash Black Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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