by Iskra



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released October 17, 2009




Iskra Victoria, British Columbia

Anarchist Metal From Victoria, BC, Canada

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Track Name: Hounds Of Order
This - the blood of our conscience
the blood of our cowardice
the legacy of their politic - all life degraded

the legacy of their repression has such a wide grave

a confused civil obedience
wanders the streets
the official voice reflected everywhere
sour with hypocrisy

may the blood that dies for your voice everyday
rise up and pursue you

the defensives guards police
their order which cripples hope
cuts the heart and word
face of mankind and earth

their order is a well - planned disorder
increasing in the hands of power
sweat for the death of empathy
the death of blood's insubordination

and those with a blood that keeps singing;
cold cement hunger death
prisons, detentions are for them

complacency always strides
hand in hand with death
they force it full of alcohol
distrust and hate

a confused civil obedience
roams the streets
the hounds of order
silence and long siren wails

and those with a blood that keeps singing
cold cement hunger death

may the blood that dies
for your voice everyday rise up and pursue you
to your grave.
Track Name: Within The Black
fetid stench
decaying flesh
oxygen starved waters

within the deeps
life suffocated
washed upon the shore

all life

deathly waters
through rivers
and streams

slowly asphyxiating
all life
blood red tides moving

all life

year by year
death-like silence

all life
washed upon the shore
all life rotting beneath
the waves

all life
within the black

all life

all life
within the black
Track Name: Dubrovlag
black rusted trains
from Pot'ma
crawl the Takushevo line
sub zero winds
a frost of white
Mordovia's bright sun palling

death before

piled corpses
at the gate
hammered skulls
ensures they're dead

stripped and beaten
upon the ice
naked blackened frozen limbs
bodies twisted smashed and bent
scattered upon the permafrost

death before

grind that glass
into your eyes
cut and eat
of your own flesh

silent isolation
psychiatric experimentation

gnaw at stone
writhe with pain
work till death
in this abyss

those rusted trains
from Pot'ma
grinding down
a thin gauge line
deep into the northern forests
those were Mordovia's blackest nights

death before

no graves were dug
the ground was ice
for human flesh
beasts would fight

hang yourself
cut your veins

death before
Track Name: Bureval
mountains of silence
stale freedom
and bound liberty

the lead weight of the boiling lie
falls upon the face of the
persecuted land

forged in the white flame
of hate and conquest
surrounded by flags
secured with military power

mountains of silence
their fraudulent "peace" to keep

their truth today
built on the rot of minds
for years and centuries dead

boots-rifle bullets
tear gas and police
we have forgotten nothing

and everywhere - agitated
those flung full of disgust
and those still dreaming
the immense dream of a land
stripped of this truth

a culture fermenting
quietly bidding war upon the fascist truth;
the sickening cocktails of metal bars
fear - stale freedoms and
bound liberty

this liberty in which
everything suffers, sweats and is shamed
fascist democracy
unpalatable freedom
this is war

the signal fires are erupting everywhere
the chorus raising
has forgotten nothing
of the native land
ferment - flame
and living flesh
Track Name: Okhrana
Apparatus of the golden empire
your gears greased with the subjects blood
protest - upon the ground
the defensive born of the third section

to the hangman
to the priest
gravediggers having
dug and filled

to the informers
for their pains
rubles for
honest work

infiltration of militant seats
bloody sunday
labyrinth of wills already broken
collaboration, denunciation
immobilized by
distrust and fear

hour after hour
day by day
the eyes of
the okhrana

dynasty now resting weary
on the inertia of 300 years
bloated with self interest falls
to the bloody pulsations of history

blood was shared
with the earth
whence it came
a necessity
for the glory of the new state

offering themselves for execution
the mighty walls of the winter palace
tools of reaction, repression
fallen to the hands of a
provisional state

yet again history shudders
and the state falls
tools of reaction intact
to serve the new regime

swift management
of perceived threats

gulags glutted now
by the bodies
of millions of

nothing new about
living in these days
nothing new about
dying in these nights

study of
okhrana's files
liquidation of those
perceived a threat

hour after hour
and day by day
the eyes of the cheka

in epic spirit blood is shared
with the earth
whence it came
a necessity for the glory
of this new state

collaboration, denunciation
immobilized by
distrust and fear
labyrinth of wills already broken

macabre progress
evolution of pure control
remember the people's victory
a barbarous freedom drunk on tears

nothing new about living
you cannot breathe in this land of ours
nothing new about dying
you cannot live in this land of ours
Track Name: Okeanos
And a tenth part of Okeanos
is given to dark night
a tithe of the pure water under earth
so the clear fountains pour from the rock face
stream from the caverns and clefts

down-running, carving wondrous ways
basalt resistance, cutting deep as they go

Gaia where she sleeps
the cold water, the black rushing gleam,
the moving, down-rush, Wash, gush out
over bed-rock,toiling the boulders in flood,
purling in deeps, broad flashing in falls.

and a tenth part of bright clear Okeanos
his circulations - mists, rains, sheets, sheathes

black water - poisonous depths -

Styx this carver of caverns beneath us is.

the well is deep. from it's stillness
the words our voices speak
resonance follows resonance
waves of this sounding come up to us

we draw the black water pure and cold
the light of day is not as bright

three thousand years
we have recited its virtue out of Hesiod

Styx this black water, this down-pouring

is it twenty-five thousand years
since the ice withdrew
from the lands and we came forth
from the realm of caverns
where the river beneath the earth we knew
we go back to.

fifty million years
from the beginning of what we are-
we knew the depth of this well to be

fifty million years deep
but our knowing deepens
time deepens
this still water

styx pouring down in the spring
from it's glacial remove
from the black ice

we thirst for in dreams we dread.
Track Name: Kronstadt
winds of snow and frozen ice
swept across the wastes
rose up against the tyrant king
brought him to his knees
provisional state instituted
which cared not for common needs
again we rose side by side
october 1917

still these tyrants rule
take what we have won
we brought them power
they promised liberty

typical power-scum
you ruled with iron fist
we lived a meagre existence
starving - enslaved
you promised a rebirth
we'd be free to work the land
instead you took it all
from our hands

in the icy gulf of finlandia -
the rebel island of kronstadt
a great anarchist naval force
would fight the tyrants of this land
of this land

a new force must rise
kill the tyrant we brought to power

kronstadt is free
independent of their new state
ten thousand strong
we put forth our demands
a third revolution
to end all parties - and none shall lead
none shall lead

that cold night in march
you sent our brothers over the ice
we watched them advance
we'll be forced to shed the blood of our kin

they're sent to their deaths
by tyrants grown fat at the expense of us all
a fierce blizzard
black night shrouds us all in darkness
the blackest night

counting not the cost
slave masters drove you
with their cursed guns
trained upon your backs
you perished in the night
upon the icy vastness
when daylight broke
you lay dead upon the ice

so dearly you have paid
with your blood for this event
the butcher of petrograd
still drives new martyrs to the slaughter
to the slaughter
Track Name: Wolf Of Winter
the wolf of winter
devours roads and towns
the wolf of winter
in her white hunger

ripping into the cities of rot
disease and suicide

gnawing upon the bones of the poor
beneath a frozen moon, in her chill white cave

the wolf of winter
the grim, the cold, the white
beautiful winter wolf
that feeds on our world

she withers all in silence
her storms unchained
unclothes the earth
freezes frail life

she tracks the frozen wastes
where goeth the winter wind
her death howls roll heavy
all across the lands

gauging the sewers of poverty
gnawing the bones of the old

blizzard blasts and ice, testing the strength of life
many dead on the roads, left to die in the cold

the wolf of winter
stalking the weak and sick
beautiful winter wolf
that feeds on our world

the north is thine;there thou hast built thy dark
for she has reared her sceptre all over this world
Track Name: 80,000
80 000 dead
upon the battlefield
warplanes gas tanks rifles guns
the suicidal hours open and fall
to the soil of spain
the soil of spain

twelve hours of blood and fire
from night to morning
what the night would hide
is seen by the eyes
the eyes of dawn

the blood stretches in the tongues of flame
to lick the river
the waters of the river
smell of a million wounds

the vipers of europe
bathe with so much blood
their lies condense in this -
that they are men who gave their lives for flag and country

and on the battlefield
hatred of countries
80000 fire
80000 rifles
80000 bullets
80000 lives

twelve hours of blood and fire
from night to morning
what the night would hide
is seen by the eyes of dawn
upon the soil of spain
Track Name: Wie Alles Anfing
cultural desolation in west berlin
an ultra dead conformist state
factory hell, suburban hatred
minds destroyed by isolation

you looks to the archetypes of rebellion
those organized against the state
resistance born through the need of culture
eastern march/Gedachtniskirche

do you remember that meeting
the s.d.s. in '66
hash and sex, the K-1 Kommune
counterculture politics

you read the stories of anarchist bombers
studied the books of street warfare
violence as praxis came "natural" to you

living the Kommune was never enough
limitations of method called into question
you watched Baader and Ensslin go down for arson
"action determines the movement's direction"

your people were brought in, the cells were filling
for this crime and that, the pressure was mounting
you still needed to break the mould of your psyche
you searched for a way to determine your conduct

observing Ohnesorg's casket, something changed in your mind
thus the conduct you sought became painfully clear

propaganda by deed, you decide for yourself
but always within the frame of mass
you put yourself forward to makes the example
the results: a massacre out on the streets

the pigs shot at Dutschke
but it could have been you
amidst the flames of revolt
you were born anew

no more games; the sites are set
on you and on I; the pigs will liquidate

take up weapons, set explosions
you decide what is wrong and what is right

through destruction and violence
the birth of a movement

you marked names, found your station
a determined anarchist retaliation
take up weapons, set explosions
take them out: "time to destroy"

bombs for the rich, political abductions
prison-breaks, and robberies
out of the "night and fog"
run a cadre of urban guerrillas
"words cannot save us, words don't break chains"
"the deed alone makes us free, destroy what destroys you"

did you foresee betrayal and infiltration?
the pig's manipulation led to your people's

did you put down the gun
because you no longer fear love?
or was it seeing your comrades
lying dead in their own blood?